Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2011

I thought I would create this blog because.... because.. because I felt like it! Yes, I felt like it! I'm currently in the middle east. It is 5 am and I and unable to sleep. I've been looking mostly at Pinterest and fashion sites. I've realized that my mother is right and that I do have an addiction to shopping. I'm currently trying to control it, however the shopping I did yesterday in the West Bank did not help at all. I've been so bored with the clothing I find at stores these days..even at Zara (gasp)! Thrifting has been my drug of choice...it allows me to really get creative and that is SO fun! Even the markets here have certain things that I think know I can pull off back home i.e. handmade leather bags. I'm off to Ramallah tomorrow and I'm hoping the markets there will have some goodies. The last bag I liked was in the souk in Jerusalem and a bit pricey. Supposedly, the prices in Ramallah should be much cheaper. Who knows, right? The majority of people I have met say I look 100% Arab, yet the people here clearly think otherwise! (I'm half Palestinian and half Mexican) When my dad goes alone to ask for a price, it's a quarter of the price they give when I'm around. So sad :( On a brighter note, my Arabic is improving, yaaaay!

Part of the market in Jerusalem aka my favorite place in the whole wide world <3

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